I Try To Read Your Greek

I decided a bit ago to go ahead and read Greek texts that people stick into their blog. Gegreptai sometimes does it. Nick posted a really interesting one yesterday. Others do it as well at times. I just wanted you guys to know that someone does actually read what you are posting. And I really appreciate it when you post text from outside the New Testament. That’s when it gets much more challenging. So if you have some quoting of an ancient Greek dude to do, don’t just post a translation! Be like Jim; post and spend time in the original. In his immortal words, "If you can’t read the originals and you call yourself a scholar you’re a poo head".

Now, this is not a call for you to start posting tons of Greek on your blog just to take up all my time. I have my own reading goals, you know!


Benji Overcash 2008-02-19 07:51:58

Thanks for the mention. And it’s good to know that someone occasionally reads my Greek!