The Cool Greek Book

I made it to the bookstore again today (the really cool one I mentioned yesterday) and got the bibliographic information for the book.

It was written by Franco Montanari. Since he is apparently a professor in Italy, my guess is that it was originally written in Italian, which I know less than Greek. If you know of the book, please post a link in the comments for everyone’s benefit.

The following is the information on the book I wrote down today:

  1. Franco Montanari
  2. Title: Ιστορια της Αρχαιας Ελληνικης Λογοτεχνιας
  3. Subtitle: από τον 80 αι. π.Χ. έως τον 60 αι.μ.Χ.
  4. Press: University Studio Press, 2008
  5. Pages: around 1200
  6. ISBN: 978-960-12-1697-3
  7. Επιμέλεια: Δανιήλ Ιακώβ - Αντώνιος Ρεγκάκος (which I think means "edited by" these two fellows)

I found a few places online where it is for sale:


If anyone knows anything about this book, I would love to hear what you have to say. From glancing at the book yesterday, time frame seems to stretch from Homer to Constantine, though that doesn’t seem to jive with the subtitle. Maybe that is just ancillary material around the core of the book. Any info would be helpful.