SBL Books, Part 2

I was finally able to pick up the rest of my books the other day from the NET Bible office. Here’s the cool stuff.

I’ve decided to refresh my Hebrew, so I got the OT Hebrew vocabulary CD and cards from Zondervan. I think I like the Zondervan cards a little better than the Vis-Ed ones. They are a little taller and are keyed to a few grammars.

Other language stuff as well. I got the very short Aramaic Grammar by Rosenthal (Harrassowitz). I audited a semester class in Aramaic at DTS, so having this shorter grammar (I used Greenspahn in school) will hopefully go well for me. I also got Winer’s grammar of NT Greek. It has been republished by Wipf and Stock. I’m really liking this publisher. Last year I got several good out of print language books.

For old testament, I got the following:

For studies in early Christianity I got two books:

I wanted Ehrman’s Lost Christianities, or whatever it is called, more than that one. But, it had already been sold by the time I went to buy it. I waited until the last day with Oxford, since they were going to 50% that morning. Alas, I missed the book.

That completed my purchases. I must say that I am very pleased.


Tim 2004-12-04 09:08:00

People looking for flash cards etc. for Hebrew vocabulary will be interested in the Hebrew Vocabylaries Project which we are working on. It will provide a stock of words with information like:
- an example phrase or sentence from the Bible
- parsing
- sound files of the word and phrase
- where appropriate a picture
- semantic field

All of which are available online for learning the word, then the Hebrew and an English gloss will be available in printable format to make flash cards.