Confusing Christian and American Duty

I ran across a link to Progressive Christians Uniting the other day, and it annoyed me enough to say a few things about lessons we can learn from what they are saying. The article linked to above is a consensus statement for what they are trying to do, so I figured that is a good place to find their chief ideas. Here are my problems.

First, it is a consensus statement "By over 1000 Christians." Big freaking deal. There are millions of people who call themselves "Christian", and you can probably find that many to sign just about anything you want them to sign. Especially if you couch it in such noble terms.

Second, they should just call the group "Progressive Christians Uniting So As To Elect Democrats." Who is it that has the responsibility to help the poor? The government. Who’s responsibility is it to solve our education problems? The government. And who do they make a point of criticizing? Who do you think they are referring to when they say "rigid religious values of conservative Christians exercise undue sway over public and social policies"? They’re talking about the generally Republican Christian constituency. They’re probably talking about those Christians who are against homosexual marriage. They’re probably talking about those Christians who are trying to enforce a rigid religious value of protecting the life of an unborn child.

For those who would want to agree to this "Progressive Christians Uniting So As To Elect Democrats" thing, let me ask you a question. Is it the government’s job to make sure your child is educated? At the judgment, when God looks at your life and how your child ended up growing up to be an irresponsible, stupid person, is he going to toss your goverment into hell for their lack of responsibility? No, he will hold you, the parent, responsible for your child. Or was Jesus wrong when he condemned the leaders of the Jews for not caring about the poor? I guess he was. He should have been critiquing Rome for not taking care of the weak, lame and poor. So I really think we need to revise the name of this group even further. Maybe it should be "People Who Hold Semi-Christian Values Uniting So As To Elect Democrats", or PWHSCVUSTED for short, because biblical reflection is not what is guiding this group.

But to be fair, there are some issues that PWHSCVUSTED hits on that might actually be relevant for, and even the responsibility of, their government. I do think the government should do something about those who would destroy the environment. And sure, the government might be able to help in healthcare (though to what degree is obviously debatable). But PWHSCVUSTED is not all about Christianity and politics as it is saying. Don’t confuse Christianity with a Democratic (or Republican) economic or environmental agenda.

Nuff said.