PDNUG Response About Mono

In this post I commented on why Microsoft, and especially their user groups, should like Mono and have them come give a lesson. I made a comment on the Mono blog I was responding to, and sent emails to the Plano Dot NET User Group (PDNUG) leaders to say "hey, I want Mono at PDNUG", essentially.

And Paco from Mono, as well as Wade Wright and Jason Alexander all responded. In short, apparently they are working on getting a Mono session and have been doing so. That’s great to hear. I’m very excited. Thanks Paco, Wade, and Jason for your emails. And let me reiterate -- I really enjoy the PDNUG meetings. Thanks, guys, for all your work in making that happen.

So, here’s a question: Is there enough people to form a Mono user group in the Dallas area. I would love to have one of those. I enjoy the PDNUG meeting so much, I can’t think of any reason why I would want to be in two! If, by some miracle, there are any Mono users in the Dallas area that actually read this blog, send me an email about what you think.