Mono Takes PDNUG By Storm!

Last night we had a Mono presentation at our monthly Plano Dot Net User Group meeting. It was greatness!

Not only did Paco come and do the presentation, which we expected, but we also three others. Eric Dasque, the product manager for Mono at Novell flew in for the meeting. He talked quite a bit during the presentation and was very informed (as you would expect) and approachable. Got to talk to him some before the meeting. We also had what I think are two local mono contributors, Joseph Hill and Zac Bowling. They both made their contributions to the presentation as well. Excellent job on the presentation, guys.

And it was an excellent meeting. It was different than the FWDNUG in that they didn’t spend much time on overview. They spent enough time to explain the basics of Mono then started creating Windows Forms and GTK# apps and ran them under Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. Major cool! Of course, I knew that was the point and I knew they could do that anyway. But it was still cool. They gave us Windows Forms guys a look at GTK# and Gecko# as well, which was nice.

Thanks to all the presenters, and to the officers of PDNUG for making this happen. Very much enjoyed the whole thing. It went great, and I’m looking forward to more Mono. And when are we going to have a local Mono user’s group? Hopefully soon...