What Is Pylus OSPP?

So what is going on with the blog? Good question.

The project is named after a rather unpopular low-google-ranked city in Greece. It can be found in the southern region of Greece called the Peloponnesus. It is on the sea in the southwest corner of that in a region called Messenia.

Ancient Pylus has nothing to do with software. I just like picking code names for my projects based on ancient Greek towns that have a low google rating. I hereby claim this idea. If anyone else does it, I will definitely start calling you some nasty names...

Anyway, Pylus OSPP is the "Pylus Online Self-Publication Platform." Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? More simply put, I’m building something that allows me to easy blog, post reviews and articles, and upload pictures. Yes, I know...there is software out there that already does that. True. It’s just more fun to write it. This was actually my first decent size ASP.NET 2.0 project, so I needed something to work on anyway to learn some of the fancy new features.

"OS" does not stand for "open source", though it is my current plan to do that at some point. I’m building it in such a way that it should be easily themable, skinnable, and extendable (at least I’m trying). When it gets a little more mature, I’ll probably release it into the world.

In theory, none of the old links to posts should be broken because of the change. .NET makes url rewriting easy, which made it simple to just map the old links to the new site. You shouldn’t even have to change the link in your rss readers as I redirected all that as well, though you may certainly do so.

So now you know.


JKL 2006-09-25 09:28:43

I feel sooooo much better now.