Finished Books, and Epistemology

I finished a few more books. First was Wittgenstein’s On Certainty (read review). Second was Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring. So, I updated my reading list. A also added a review for Hume’s An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.

I do think the questions of epistemology that Hume, Wittgenstein et al. cover are very important. But at the same time I can’t get beyond a feeling of the uselessness of a highly skeptical epistemology. I cannot argue with much of what Hume says, for example, but despite its correctness much of it does not ring true to human experience. You can say all you want that our sensory perceptions are not as reliable as we actually think they are in observing and parsing reality, but you will not abandon sensory perception or its input. I still plan on digging in this area. I still need to read Kant (I have read a little, but not nearly enough). I imagine my feeling will grow even stronger, but it is good material to be familiar with given my many crazy interests.