Pirate and Deadpool Revisited

Yesterday I decided to try my hand on moving the Deadpool drawing from the realm of the physical to the digital. At first I tried with Photoshop but the process of removing all of the non-inked spaces (both on the inside and the outside of the drawing) left me with the shadows of grays around the black edges. That didn’t really work for me. Of course I’m probably not using it right.

So I decided to re-ink it in Illustrator. I took the mediocre photoshop image and used it as something to trace over in Illustrator. My primary tools were the pen and the blog brush tool. The latter, I think, is new with CS4. It is very handle when doing this sort of thing. Once it was re-inked I did a simple coloring of it in red. This is still a work in progress, but here is where it is:

After that I really wanted to get back to the physical medium. It was 12:15PM so I couldn’t stay up much longer, so I picked something simple. Recognize this figure?

He is partially inked, as you can see. This is the final inked version. Simple but fun.