Road Trip Saturday!

I was up all last night. I was either verifying manuscript images or burning dvd’s of them. We got the work done. Yay! But I’m beat.

But today is road trip day. But I’m so tired! What to do? Easy answer: drive to Meteora and have roomie drive the five hour trip so you can get your sleep! Thankfully, he agreed.

We’ll have all day tomorrow to roam around northern Greece. If anyone out there has some must-see recommendations, please leave a comment.



Bill 2009-04-26 11:47:16

I’m jealous. You’ll probably hear this one in Thessaloniki, but just in case - on a clear day, pick any high vantage point and look across the bay to the right. You’ll see four Mts. If you’re smart, you’ll know which one’s Olympus. ;)

They’re also rebuilding the agora there, but to 2nd cent. specs, as I understand it.