Take a Walk on the Client-Side

Tomorrow night I’ll be leading a discussion with David Penton called “Take a Walk on the Client-Side” at our monthly meeting of the North Dallas .NET User Group. And yes, the incredibly cheesy title was my idea. It’s going to be a little informal so all are welcome to come and join the discussion. If you do any web development at all, you should be able to get something out of the discussion. Also, we always have free pizza, so if you want some free dinner, join us.


The list of topics at the moment is as follows.

  1. Intro to Fiddler
  2. Semantic markup and Css-based design
  3. 5 Minutes to floats
  4. Css inheritance
  5. Css Hacks
  6. Using a Css Reset
  7. Flexible web fonts
  8. Graceful degradation
  9. Useful tags from Html 5
  10. Cool stuff in Css 3
  11. Unobtrusive Javascript
  12. Branch out with your tags

We’re trying to hid a wide variety of topics to keep it interesting. Hope to see a lot of people there.