State of the Union Address

Unfortunately, I missed the first thiry minutes of the address. I came in as he talked about Social Security reform. Anyway, I don’t get into politics much, and I won’t much in this post. All I want to say is, well, good speech. I am very appreciative of what Bush and his staff have done and continue to do. I can’t wait to see what our leadership has for us in the future. God bless America.


the district (2/2/2005 7:19 PM)

I’m not huge on politics either, and I’ve never watched a State of the Union speech all the way through...until tonight. Way to go, Mr. President.

Anonymous (2/2/2005 7:46 PM)

It was pretty embarrassing that Peter Jennings couldn’t name most of Bush’s cabinet as they walked into the chambers.

Kirk H. Sowell (2/2/2005 7:47 PM)

I rarely watch speeches, but seminal ones like this I usually print out and read. If you want to read it, see this White House link.Regards, KHS

Kirk H. Sowell (2/2/2005 8:06 PM)

They guys at Power Line have this great almost minute by minute blog on the state of the union address. It is sort of stream of consciousness, and is rather funny.

Eric Sowell (2/2/2005 8:24 PM)

Wow. Lots of comments. I should post on politics more often.

Maybe not.

Thanks for the links and comments.

Anonymous (2/2/2005 9:45 PM)

Who was it who once said "This is just pitiful"? Oh yeah. I agree with the invocation "God bless America," it’s just that I don’t see it as having happened in the current leadership. By a long shot.

Eric Sowell (2/2/2005 10:22 PM)

Does this administration do everything in a godly manner? Of course not. But I still appreciate what they do. But, to each his own.