Windows 7 and the Lexmark Z715 Printer

This weekend I installed Win 7 on the home computer. I don’t use it much these days but it is the normal computer for the wife and kids. It has been running XP for years. Time for the upgrade, I think.

All has gone smoothly so far except for installing the printer. We have a Lexmark Z715 printer and Win 7 didn’t recognize it immediately. After some searching I found a solution that worked. Figured I would share it just in case anyone else has issues.

It doesn’t look like Lexmark has a Win7 driver for this printer but that’s not really a problem. Since Win7 is built on Vista (and has its driver model) most Vista drivers should work fine for Win7. You can find the Vista driver for the printer here. I installed it and it worked fine.


Blayk 2011-12-19 06:38:38

Hi! I think that this might be extremely late, but if you’ll still answer. I’ve just recently upgraded to window 7 ultimate x86 and can’t seem to be able to get this printer to work with it. I previously had windows vista and the printer functioned normally, but now I can’t seem to be able to get the software to install properly.

My situation:

I open and install the drivers normally, no problems or errors.

But when I try to open for instance the lexmark solution center, it tells me that the shortcut does not refer anywhere and that the original file is missing. The printer does not work either with the normal system dialog.

I believe I’ve tried running it in compatibility and everything,but to no prevail. Was there anything special that you did to ensure the drivers installed properly.

- Thanks

Eric Sowell 2011-12-20 09:39:32

Hey there. Sorry, I haven’t used this printer in years so I don’t think I’ll be any help.